Monday, 19 May 2014

Beautiful weather.

Well it's been a fabulous few days and I feel as if I've made the most of it with lots of new stuff photographed.

I've seen the Cuckoo again

In almost the same spot, but unfortunately still from a distance. I would contemplate sticking my hide up but unfortunately its right next to a road and you know what that would mean.

I added 3 beautiful butterflies to the Smugmug album and some stunning caterpillars too.

This is the caterpillar of the Yellow Tail Moth. not in its full stage quite.

I had an up close and personal moment with a Scorpion fly.

Such a beautiful critter, landed on my hand whilst I was doing other stuff.

I spent a little time with the terrapins at the lake.

I spent some time at Wellington Gravel pits and added some birds to the yearly list, including Hobby, Little Owl and Little Ringed Plover. I also got my first dragonfly of the year, a 4 spot Chaser.

and the little bugs have continued to please,

Dock leaf shield Bug, coreus marginatus.

The tree Heron still won't play ball.

Star shot of the week is, Mayfly, Ephemera Danica.

 I don't want to get too repetative but I'm adding stuff to the Smugmug site on a daily basis almost, if you haven't had a look for a while, please do.