Tuesday, 28 July 2009

House sitting and nest watching.

The family commitments continued this last week, I had to house sit for my son as he was having work done whilst at work. The weather has been bad so I don't feel as if I missed a lot.

I left Newport on sunday afternoon, hoping to escape the rain. It didn't happen, the rain was already waiting for me in Ross on Wye. I should explain that I can't move too far from the Forest of Dean this week as my dog is in the vets tomorow (weds), and my van brakes are being done at the same time.

Yesterday I moved to a little site on the outskirts of Ross on Wye at Sellack, it's a Caravan Club certified location and has a small shower room and toilet, and of course the electric hook up. I must get round to trying my Generator out at some point. It's a little expensive for a CL at fifteen pounds a night, but I've spent less than 140.00 pounds this month on sites so I can afford it.

Photgraphy wise I have been at a loss, I have struggled with the weather and the drive to do anything. That changed when I saw Chris Grady's Swallow and House Martin shots on the net today. I was so inspired I took the following.

Swallows are nesting in a stable at this location, so I asked for permission and went to see what I could get. One hundred and fifty shots laater I could not get a flight shot but I got some nice ones of the nest and chicks.

Four chicks to feed meant mum and dad were in and out at a fantastic rate of knots. I could hardly keep up. I tried lots of different shuttter speeds and settings, but again I shied away from using the external flash opting instead for the 50D's built in flash. I MUST get to grips with learning about my kit. I'm happy with the results especially in bigger size.
The only other pictures I've taken this last week were this painted lady at Newport Wetlands on saturday.

So with another week of commitments and a trip up to Chester to collect mail and tax the van this coming weekend its gonna be another dry week for photography. I'll keep you appraised of developments.