Friday, 6 July 2012

Who turned the taps on?

I think that summer has passed already, strange that last year April was stunning and then the rest of the year a washout. this year it was March wasn't it? I remember stopping and talking to a fellow dog walker in early March and we were both in light clothing and feeling the heat. What is going on?

Well the weather has put a downer on my doing anything much since my last posting. I have had a couple of chances but there has been a definate lack of good opportunity. Just one or two pics to show you.

I have been visiting the Barn Owl site regularly without a single sighting, I have spoken to dog walkers who walk thereabouts and all of them have said that there hasn't been a sighting for nearly 3 weeks. I was there last night until 9.30pm and nothing. I am concerned that maybe the male has been killed in a Road accident. I will keep you appraised. However my being in the area has led me to find a Little Owls nest. I managed a pair of shots the other evening in poor light.

I stood nearby last night and could hear at least one juvenile in the nest calling for food, its a very noisy screeching sound, I am hoping that I may be able to get permission to enter the land and set up a bit of a feeding station as the evening light is just perfect for the spot, when there is some of course.

The only other bird I have taken a shot of recently has been a Pied Wagtail.

I have had a male Sparrowhawk in my garden recently, It's the first time the male has visited. I have had the female on at least three occasions. The Male missed the birds on the feeder and sat on the fence for a while, of course I didn't have the camera set up.

I have been going through my macro stuff and the only thing worth a look is this,

I haven't put a name to it as yet, but I think its a sawfly of some kind.

Hope for better weather so I have something more next time.