Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tits and things.

There's been a fair bit of sun this week and I have spent a chunk of time out with the camera as well as walking my dog and making and putting up 3 more nest boxes in the wood up the road. I am still seeing Blue tits at the boxes I put up earlier so I am hopeful that some, if not all, of the boxes will be used.

The time spent out and about has been lovely as it has allowed me to observe my local birds, especially the Long Tailed tits. I have so far located 3 nests being constructed. I have observed the patterns of the birds, watching where they land prior to going to the nest and have set myself up to try and get pictures as they come to or away from the nests. These images were taken over a few days.

However, my best discovery was completely by accident. I have also observed a large number of frogs and toads making their way to the pond and decided the one morning to take the 70-200mm lens and see if I could get some at the waters edge. I was on my hands and knees in one spot watching a pair of frogs and could hear LTT's in a bush to my right. When i decided I wasn't going to get a decent shot of the frogs I knelt up and looked to my right. This next shot is a grabbed shot, hand held. I took only the one frame before standing and moving away, I was about 6-8 feet from the nest.

I am pleased to report that the birds were not disturbed by me and have continued to build the nest. I am amazed by how much effort goes in to building their nest, they must use huge amounts of energy during the nesting season, its no wonder they look so ragged at the end of it.

I have also had the opportunity to grab a few shots of other stuff around the lake. The mallards are a constant opportunity.

This Moorhen was not happy with something, possibly me, and was displaying a lovely set of tail feathers.

and highlight of the week were 3 Buzzards that came circling over the pool, I think it was two adults seeing off a juvenile form last year as they were chasing it all around and making a racket. This shot is not good quality as it was handheld but it shows the one bird calling. Its a large crop too.

Its not just the birds that are of interest. Whilst scanning the lake with my big lens I saw that the terrapins are already out sunning themselves when they get the opportunity.

This again is a large crop as I was on the other side of the lake. I have also been told that last year there were a pair of adders in the undergrowth on one side of the lake so I am keeping an eye out for them. The only other highlight has been regular sightings of the Kingfisher on the other lake, never close enough or still enough to get shots of though.

Thanks for looking.