Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Computer is finally here.

Hello. Well here I am on my new computer. I haven't quite mastered all the ins and outs yet, I'm not sure if I have the resolution right or things like that but we'll see.

So I will try it out with just a few pics to start with and I'd be very grateful for some positive feedback, good or bad either through the comment facility on here or an email to my usual email address.

Start with A wood mouse.

This was the little critter I caught in my humane trap.

It was a pretty little thing. I photographed it through the glass of a small fish tank I purchased for the purpose.
Wish I'd had longer to spend with it. Haven't managed to trap anything since so I have to wait for another go.

I mentioned some time ago an experience with a Barn Owl, or to be precise two occasions with two seperate Barn Owls. The first was one I located whilst out looking for Butterflies. I didn't exactly locate it I was unaware of its existence until I was chatting to a local lady and she asked if I had seen the Short eared Owl. It duly turned out to be a Barnie. I didn't get too close to it but I was amazed by how beautiful it was to watch as it twisted and turned over the grass. I'm using one shot I got of it as my header, here is another.

It was a very pale bird even by Barn Owl standards.

The second was a trip to Anglesey and a very lucky chance encounter with what I believe was a juvenile Barn Owl. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my brothers car, had my 300 lens and 1D set up on my lap when my bro spotted this bird sitting on a Welsh Water notice board.

I spent a week a few years ago in Norfolk with Dave S and Chris G during which time we got quite close to a number of Barn Owls, but never this close. It was no more than 25 feet away and whilst this is a crop its not a big crop. When I looked at the pictures on my camera, once I'd calmed down, I thought it had an injured chest but it isn't its the other foot tucked up. A truly stunning encounter. I submitted the pic to Birdguides and was amazed to find it was the only shot of a Barn Owl on the site from Anglesey (at that time).

I have lost my mojo a bit for photography. If I'm honest not just photography. I cannot find the inspiration at this time. However I did get a few other shots, a couple of which were of butterflies.

This first is a Small Tortoiseshell.

The second is a Meadow Brown.

I carry my camera in the car most of the time, I was rewarded with a shot of a Rabbit kitten on the roadside near to my mothers home in Cheshire.

 A cute little specimen

The nicest shot I've gotten over the summer was undoubtedly the easiest. It didn't move the while time I was doing it. A truly wild example of it's kind. This is going to be a marmite shot, you'll either love it or not. I love it. I haven't seen a truly wild one of these for a long time, not in its seasonal best.

It was in theForest of Dean. I love it.

So thats it for this occasion. I hope it was worth the wait. I have to catalogue the pictures that I didnt lose on my old computer onto Photoshop on the new comp. If the weather is kind I will endeavour to get out and about and find something of interest soon,

Thank you for your patience and thanks for coming back and looking at my website.