Saturday, 29 May 2010

If at First.......

.....You dont succeed, etc.

Well i didnt give up, I kept trying. I promised Redstart and Flycatcher and I like to think of myself as a man of my word, so here they are.

Firstly however this pic of a willow warbler, which is about the only other thing I have worth mentioning this week.

I was saying to my friend Andy Carey that its been a pretty poor few weeks, I think I've put in a lot of effort but with very little reward. I have walked miles and yet have very little to show for it. However, I did get both of my target species so here they are. Firstly the Flycatcher.

A lovely little fellow this.

The Redstart meant a journey of 60 miles round trip, poor light and very biting wind. These are not great shots, they are both heavy crops, but I got them. Seven hours spent on a windy hillside and this is the best I got, If I had a day job I wouldnt be giving it up for photography this week.

Still I can only improve. What to do this next week? I'll take what I can get I think. As always click on pics for bigger images.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Not a redstart to be seen.

I said in my last post that I was after Flycatcher and Redstart this week, well I failed, not a picture of either to show you. Not for the want of trying though I assure you.

So what did I get? The Mute swans were still sitting on their nest.

Until Saturday, at which point they hatched seven chicks.

Tell me they are not beautiful.

This Garden Warbler was quite obliging.

as was this Fallow Deer.

The Bluebells are in full bloom.

A trip to Newport Wetlands RSPB reserve gave me views of a Heron.

But more pleasing were the glimpses of the Bearded Tits.

Can I get Redstart this week? Maybe not as I have to go to Chester for 2 days. We'll see.