Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes I know we're already a long way into the month. I havent done much photography since my last posting. I spent a morning trying to get near the Goosander that have been frequenting the lake up the road, with no joy. Other than that its been quiet.

Last year was probably my worse year of both bird recording and photography since I started in 2007. I only saw 109 different species last year, which is very poor. I should try and improve it this year. I didnt get a trip to Norfolk or Scotland in either which is even more disappointing. I have considered giving up photography.

I have only three shots to show you. First was a fleeting shot of a Long tailed Tit.

and second was a Robin that perched obligingly for me whilst I was sitting waiting for the Goosander to come near.

I wasnt going to add this one as its only a shot of Mallards, but its a pic for you to look at so here it is.

Some good news is that there has been a Kingfisher on the two lakes. I've seen it on more than one occasion flashing across the water. This morning (sat 21st) there were also a pair of Mandarin Ducks on what has become known as the nature lake. I have been undertaking a feasibility study of putting either a hide or screens on the nature lake for the local council. I was asked to help by another resident nearby. The long term plan is to clean the lake up, and make it more attractive to wildlife. It could be a great idea. Watch this space.

Anyway thats about it for now.

Thanks for looking, oh and if you are not already aware there is still a lot of good stuff being put on to a few of my links, in particular, the two Bobs, Bushell and Jones and Lewis Thomson. Lewis and Bob Bushell have both had notables on Birdguides Website for their shots of a Crossbill and Buzzard. Check them out.

Oh and one more thing Dave Slater and his friends have done some great work in securing a closed season in relation to the Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean. Check out the Friends of the boar link in Daves Website which you will find in my links.

Happy New Year.