Friday, 6 December 2013

More from Norfolk

Just a quick word before I start the blog, I am currently suffering another bout of serious depression which started a couple of weeks ago, once again it has knocked my desire to do any photography. The blog may be a bit sparse for a little while in fact there may not be any entries until Christmas is out of the way. So I hope you enjoy this one. Let me just add depression is a real bummer, it's not just about feeling low, it can be a hell of a lot more than that, the loathing and desire to self harm, can be all encompassing. I am lucky I have family who support me through it but if you know anyone who may be alone this christmas give them a call. Just to say Hi.

Anyway enough of that, I have finally gone through all of the Norfolk stuff and here is what is left.


and again,

Ringed Plover,

Grey Plover,

Mallard Duck,


Mute Swan,




Pied Wagtail,

another Turnstone,

a Little Egret,

another Sandling,

and lastly another Grey Plover.

I hope you enjoy seeing them. Have a great Xmas and may 2014 bring you all lots of birding and photography opportunities.