Thursday, 29 March 2012

All things bright and beautiful.

I say it every year, because its true. I love this time of year. I love Spring. I love the extra birdsong, the emerging colours, the critters that we've missed for the winter.

I am trying to lose the weight that I put on over xmas, so in an effort to boost my chances I have been doing a lot more walking. I have been out and about with big lenses and small lenses in an effort to get some different shots. I have, for the first time ever, been paying a lot more atttention to the plants that I have been seeing. I have posted a Lesser celandine shot recently but want to add the following, I am struggling with the identity of the first two, my Observer book of wild flowers isnt brilliant for a complete numpty like me.

I know this is a violet (I think), but am not sure if its a "Common Dog" or a "Hairy" I'm guessing Common.

I have no idea what this next one is, I cant find a picture that matches.

I'd be grateful for a pointer.

This next one is Daisy.

and this next is a Dandelion Clock.

Finally Wood Anemones..

In addtion to the flowers I've seen a fair few Butterflies. Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange tip, Brimstone, Peacock, and what I thought was a green veined white but I couldn't be sure as I only got a glance. I have got a couple of shots but they were taken with my 600 lens so maybe not as good as I'd like.



Small Tortoiseshell.

I've had a few close encounters with other stuff too, this was the first Wasp I saw.

and this Red tailed Bee was a delight, is it asleep do you think?

This Flesh Fly sat still long enough for me to get a shot.

and this Spider wasn't the easiest to catch.

But the most amazing thing were the Wood Ants I saw when I went to Haugh Woods, I saw a few nests with what looked like millions of the ants scurrying around, again I apologise for the lack of detail but sitting and watching them was mind blowing, some were carrying bits of leaf litter and wood that were much bigger than themselves.

So, I think it's obvious that I've been enjoying the unusually warm weather and that once again I'm enjoying lugging a camera around too.