Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Just Bugs

No real story this posting, I went to a spot just outside of Hereford got soaked to the skin crawling around on my hands and knees but got some nice shots in challenging conditions.

Start with Banded Demoiselle.

Then a couple of flies.

This one is called Chrysops caecutiens

This one is Greenbottle.

as is this,

This was the star of the show for me, a Scorpion Fly

I can't recall ever having seen one before so I shot lots and lots of frames.

There was another one that I couldn't recall having seen, Snipe Fly.

The first one is clearly on my tripod, a large fly I think you would agree.

The sweetest thing I saw though was a Mayfly

I think it's an Ephemera Danica.

I got a shot of a Yellow Dung fly, I have looked at it lots of times, I can't decide if it's great or not, I am erring on the side of it being great.

All in all, I had a great day, I saw lots of species that I hadn't seen before, at least up close, and managed a few shots I really like.