Saturday, 9 March 2013

More snow, apparently.

So, weather forecasters say more snow and much colder temperatures, bummer. Can't believe that in March last year I was walking the dog in a tee-shirt and trousers.

I had a trip to Burton Mere and managed to add a Water rail to my yearly list, I had to hang sideways over a fence and shoot almost into the sun but I got a couple of half decent shots.

also managed a Siskin or two and Goldfinch.

I then went to Park Gate Marsh higher up the Dee estuary for a supposed High tide but it wasn't high enough to push stuff near to the crowd of birders and photographers, but highlights were a Peregrine seen a long way out, a Hen Harrier even further out and a Merlin that chased something right over our heads then turned and chased it away from us again, that was really special.

Back home a day or so later I caught the buzzard that has been hanging around the village in what was known locally as the Sand hole, until they built the new houses and now its called the Dell, its a big depression in the ground some 3-4 metres deep and 100 metres by about 50 metres. its grassed and tree lined.

I went there to specifically get Crocus but thankfully I was in the car coming back from a trip to Christleton having tried to get gulls in flight, so I had a big lens with me, this is still a large crop.

The Crocus were lovely.

Well, cold and bright I will be happy with, fingers crossed there are some photo opportunities this next week. Come back and see what I get.