Wednesday, 13 April 2011

From a distance.

Another 3 or so hours spent in my hide in the forest yesterday produced one single Hawfinch shot, not a very good one but its all I have to show.

It turned its head towards me just as I pressed the shutter, spoiling a better shot. It then flew off, obviously scared by the camera, not to return.

Other things came down including this Siskin.

I am slightly concerned that the leg with the ring on it appears to be swollen. I have voiced my concerns on this blog before about the excessive ringing of birds in this country. I hope the scientists and the like hurry and compile all the info they need so it can stop. I saw Blue tits, and chaffinch with rings on them too, I cannot believe we dont know all we need to know about these birds.

I then decided to have a walk in a different area of the forest and saw Blackcaps, Chiffchaff, and Willow Warblers in good numbers but they were all at a distance. I did manage a few shots of the Blackcaps and Chiffchaff, these are all crops.

Male Blackcap.

Female Blackcap                                                                                                             


Nothing would come close. Still, lovely to see and lovely to hear.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Whore Finch

No not a spelling mistake, just me venting my frustration. I've spent the best part if 10 hrs in my hide in the last 5 days trying to get shots of the Hawfinch. As you will see below, I failed.

I got Squirrel.

I got Brambling, happy with this as she's lovely.

But thats it. I saw one Hawfinch, too high to photograph. I saw Siskin but behind a stump.To cap it all I also broke a section of my hide pole. Fortunately I had a spare section which I have adapted to fit. I am gutted. The weather is turning this coming week so I may not get another chance this year.

Other stuff I've seen this week include this Great spotted Woody,

He's actually at a nest hole, I've posted another two shots of him in the gallery, along with a couple more of the squirrel, dont forget to keep having a look, its in my links.

I was also driving near Eastbach and stopped to try and locate a Chiffchaff I could hear, whilst I was trying to locate him I saw some movement to my right in amongst the tall undergrowth. I hoped Fox, Stoat, Weasel. But no, just a female Pheasant mooching around.

So disappointing.

I have found a few nests whilst out walking the dog this week, GSW, Nuthatch, and Blue tit to name three. I actually saw something today (sun 10th) that I've never seen before too, GSW's mating, it was noisy and over in moments but it was amazing to watch.

A trip to Anglesey in the week fishing with my brother, although fishing isn't quite the right word as we caught none,produced my first Willow Warbler and Sand Martins of the year. The list is now in the 80s, dont think its going to be such a productive year this year.

As I said at the start the weather is predicted to get cold and wet this week so it may be a while before I have anything else to post, come back and check though hey.

Oh just one more thing, had a hedgehog in the garden twice during the night this week, must be coming in under the side gate. I put it in a box the first time hoping to photograph it in the morning but it escaped. Then the second time I quickly got my camera and flash together but not quickly enough, it disappeared somewhere. I dont want my dog getting fleas so I have blocked the gate but its given me the incentive to spend a night having a mooch around to see if I can find one on one of the many grassy areas on this estate. I'll let you know how I get on.