Thursday, 19 September 2013

Oh to be a Fungi

It's a great time of year for Fungi. Today is the first day for a while where we've had no rain so I decided to pop out and do a bit more fungi hunting.

I went to Dinedor woods and hill fort. I have photographed 15 to 20 different fungi up there so far. I have only managed to positively ID a few of them, I will put names of those I believe I have identified with the corresponding picture.

Haresfoot Inkcap:

Black Bulgar aka Rubber Buttons,

Southern Bracket:

Birch Mazegill:

Chicken of the woods:

The rest I cannot positively ID at this time but they are worthy of a look.

A few others I haven't put up because I think they are repeats of what are here but in different stages. I have spent over 4 hrs looking at books and the internet trying to positively ID all of these Fungi and am not confident to stick my neck out and sayt what I think they are. God only knows how much time it must take to become an expert at ID'ing the many species there are.

I've enjoyed crawling around on my hands and knees in damp conditions getting some of these pics. It's been great when there hasn't been the weather conditions to do anyuthing else.

Weather is going to settle at the weekend the weather woman said this evening. Just as well as I'm heading north to spread mum and dads ashes and meet up with my siblings.

Come back soon.