Saturday, 28 February 2009

It's official in my book, spring is here.

One thing truly signifies spring for me, lambs. There are a lot suddenly appearing in and around the forest. These examples were at Eastbach.
Above is mum and the twins, hungry twins by the look of it.
Two different little cuties.
Here they are together, tell me you don't just love them.
Not wildlife but a true indicator that the best time of year is here.

Friday, 27 February 2009

A two day spell.

Two days in succession at Slimbridge this week saw two differing days. Day 1, Poor light, cold wind. not much seen. Day 2, better light, warmer, better photos.

Day one with Andy C, saw the Kingfishers at the new hide of the same name, but despite assurances from the staff at Slimbridge that it was going to be better for photo opportunities the Kingfishers are still too far away even for the 600mm lens with a 2x converter thereon.

No sign of the American Widgeon that has been given at the Lathbury hide, and we had left before the Spoonbill had come in.

The only thing worth photographing was this Great Crested Grebe.

Not in full breeding plumage yet and looking rather lost and forlorn especially out of the water.

Today, another trip hopefully to see the Spoonbill. Unfortunately it had disappeared 15 minutes before I got there. I joined up with Chris G, and we looked for the Wigeon. It was found but not at the Lathbury hide. It didn't come close enough for a photo but I can at least say I saw it.

The sun was out for the early part of the day and it gave some lovely opportunities for shots.
A Bewick swan.

A Shelduck in flight.

and coming in to land.

A lonely and sad looking Moorhen.
One of the most impressive sights of the day were a pair of Barnacle Geese fighting. The noise they were making was amazing and the scrap seemed quite intense it went on for quite a while.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Spring is definately in the air, if you're a frog.

More frogging in the forest today with Andy Carey, Chris Grady, and Dave Slater. It is quite clear that for them spring has sprung. If you've never heard hundreds, quite literally, of male frogs calling for a mate then you've never lived. it is amazing.

This one looks somewhat peeved that I'm in it's way.

This one isn't any happier looking.

This one looks downright challenging.

This is a strange looking fellow, bigger than your average frog and it would appear to have a modicum of intelligence as its capable of carrying things.

Questions have been asked though why an allegedly intelligent being would want to sit in water for so long without the possibility of getting a mate.

Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to get "the shot".

Dont worry he's wearing a neoprene suit so he doesn't have to worry about straying frogs.

Chris is pretty serious about his photography.

Toads soon, can't wait.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spring in the air.

What a beautiful day today was, took me by surprise as the weather forecast was for cloud.

After feeding the birds at New fancy I went to look for the dipper at Blackpool Brook. I saw one but only fleetingly as it whizzed across in front of me. No photos unfortunately but a tick for the year.

I went to a favourite spot of mine and spent some time watching and photographing frogs with Chris Grady. Here are a few.

It must be that time of year, Spring is finally around the corner.

This was my favourite pic of the day. They don't come around too often.

It certainly felt like spring today but who knows whats around the corner.