Sunday, 5 August 2012

There it was, gone!

Is that it then? is that summer definately over now? With flood warnings being given for various parts of the country you could be forgiven for thinking so.

I have snatched a few day time sessions with bugs and butterflies, but my evenings continue to be owl filled. Saying that though I have seen less of them this week than last. Still a couple of nice shots to share with you.

I have missed one evening in the last 11 and am disappointed that the owls have proved more elusive than I was hoping. Still I have had fun, I have got some cracking shots and there is always next year to look forward to. I won't give up just yet though, although I have been alerted to another possible site that might prove fun, and challenging.

I am so missing my Tamron lens, I think I've missed a lot of shots trying to get to what I believe is a workable distance from the subject with my 100mm. I accept that there will always be a bit of cropping with macro shots but there is an acceptable level that I try and keep to. Don't get me wrong, the quality of the Canon lens is unquestionable but, the bigger lens gives you a bit of room so to speak.

So what have I done? I have a few butterfly shots to show you and a couple of other things that I hope you'll like. I saw my first Holly Blue butterfly for over two years yesterday (sat 4th). I only got off one frame and it isn't what I would have liked but it's acceptable.

I also got some nice Large white shots,

I have a caterpillar of The Vapourer Moth, which is a very spectacular looking caterpillar. I found this whilst standing under an Oak tree sheltering from a shower.

I have also managed to get some cracking Grasshopper and Cricket shots from around the country park at the back of my house. Starting with what I guess must be an adult of a cricket that I have posted before. It is the Speckled bush Cricket.

I also got some Dark Bush Cricket.

and a Meadow Grasshopper.

Now I need a bit of help, I have looked through all of my books but I cannot for the life of me identify this little character, It has a little of the scorpion fly about it, but clearly isn't the same species due to the colouring on its body. It also has the characteristics of a crane fly in particular the Ctenophora ornata, although again the colouring is slightly out but it could be an early form of that critter. I would welcome suggestions.

So there it is, another weeks offering. I have a few images from the last few days to still go through so I may add more over the next few days. Have you all checked out Mike Smiths' new blog yet? I am so looking forward to his images.
I had a comment from Paul Riddle on last weeks blog, regarding my LO's, I would strongly urge you all to have a look at his Blog, he has a definate skill when it comes to Owl shots and I know from reading it he puts a lot of effort into it. I can't put it into the links on here yet as I haven't asked his permission but go to and look at Little Owl shots from Leicestershire, in fact just look for amazing Little Owl shots and he will be there at the forefront.

See you all next time and don't forget click on the images for a bigger version.