Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm singing in the rain.

Seems that the rain and crappy weather are just not going to go away. Yes we have had one or two periods of sunshine but isn't it always the way that when that happens there's always something else going on.

Have only managed two short stints with the camera recently, and here are the paltry results.

Went to my local spot for common lizzard and found only two little ones of less than 2 inches in length. This one was shedding its skin.

The Nuthatch are always bankers but these were taken in a spot I've not tried before.

Nearly always a banker are the Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

Ever the opportunist I caught sight of these two cock pheasants squaring up whilst driving down a lane. They were some distance away but it was funny to watch them bobbing at each other then walking a few paces before turning to face each other again and bobbing again. Don't think either particularly wanted a fight, typical male posturing.

Do you think we are likely to get a spell of decent weather soon? I'm not banking on it.

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