Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Two days of Glorious sunshine.

The last two days have been glorious haven't they? I spent the first (mon) trying to get Redwings, which aren't up here in any large numbers yet. I found a spot on Sunday where small groups of 5-6 were coming visiting the thorn bushes for the berries. I returned on Monday and got myself in a position where I could grab a few shots if the birds appeared.

Well thats what I hoped, didn't quite turn out that way though. Only a few birds showed and those that did, didn't hesitate on the outer edges of the bushes as I'd hoped. So time wasted. I walked to another spot that they had been reported at but again with no joy.

Today (tues) I decided to visit a spot which I've come to like immensely in my time here, Anglers Country Park. Its about ten miles away and is a complex of lakes which hold a large number of ducks, geese and other water birds. A few birds have visited recently which added a bit of excitement, Great Northern Diver and Red Breasted Merganser. In addition to these Goldeneye and Goosander often frequent the lakes too, so I was hoping for some fun.

Golden Eye and Goosander were seen, but too far away to get even record shots. I did get Pochard and Wigeon though.

and some lovely close ups of  Mute Swans.

The Merganser had disappeared earlier in the morning but the G.N Diver was there to be photographed, albeit at a distance.

Great Northern Diver.

I would have loved it to come closer, but it wasnt to be. Still I'm not disappointed as yet again a great day was spent at the country park. A move to a different lake gave me views of distant Goldeneye and Goosander but the star of that lake was a Great Crested Grebe.

Bad weather predicted now for a few days so come back soon and see what else I've been up to.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Is this the best I can get?

A decision to shoot over to Sheffield this morning would have possibly been so much more rewarding had I not stayed in bed for fifteen minutes after the alarm had gone off.

Had I arrived at Sheffield 15 minutes earlier I would have seen no less than two dozen Waxwings, but instead there were a lot less and unfortunately for me they became very camera shy and shot off into the distance about ten minutes after I arrived.

I did manage to get two slightly different shots of the same bird, but they are merely record shots.


I spent a further hour driving around other locations that they have been seen in Sheffield with no luck.
Just before I left the original site I saw and captured this female Bullfinch, very sweet.

 I was disappointed, but the Waxwings I saw bring my yearly total of different birds seen to 160, so far. My best ever year, and despite what Mr Grady and Mr Smith might say I am not a ticker, or lister. I have not shot over to Manchester for the Grebe, or to Hatfield Moor for the Rough legged Buzzard, or to any other nearby sightings such as the Great Grey Shrike. I merely record what I see. Travelling to Sheffield was a lot less than a trip to Slimbridge from Ross on Wye when I lived there, I merely wanted photographs of these beautiful birds.

I still have a couple of more targets but unless I'm very lucky they will probably remain just that, targets. (Barn Owl and Pink footed Geese).

I cannot believe how many Waxwings are being seen across the country, I am hopeful that they will call in somewhere in Barnsley, My sister saw at least 3 from our back door in the garden a fortnight ago, and tomorrow I am going to walk along a public footpath near Old Moor RSPB reserve that has a number of Rowan trees along its length. Wish me luck.