Thursday, 1 May 2014

First of the year

Since my last post I have a couple of chances to get out with the camera. I've done mostly small stuff, But for the first time ever and with the first of the year I have a photo of a Cuckoo. It's not a good photo but it's a photo.

I went out with the camera yesterday (weds 30th) with the intention of doing small stuff, hopefully Orange Tip butterflies, and at a spot I visit regularly whilst setting up the small macro kit I heard a Cuckoo calling and it sounded really close. I grabbed the binos for a look see, and there it was sitting on a telegraph wire some 100-150 metres away. Quickly change the camera onto the 600 and shot off 4 frames. Paused to check and found that the camera was as I'd left it yesterday, F14, -1,  iso 200. Bugger!! but i've managed to just about get a working record shot.

Unfortunately by the time I had reset, it was up and flying towards me and over my head. Lesson learned for next time believe me. Absolutely thrilled to hear, see and photograph one this year though.
Star of the small stuff is a toss up between this,

Large Red Damselfly.

and this,

Vine Weevil.

Come back soon, will have more to show.