Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blog Problems

I'm having problems with the blog.

All my old photos are not showing up, I've no idea why. I've tried to contact Blogger but nothing has happened as yet. I may cancel the blog and go with another provider. If any of you have an idea whats happening to my site drop me a line please,

Friday, 17 May 2013

Small is beautiful

I enjoy small photography, close up stuff. Its been a slow start to the year, I think it's still a bit too cold for most things. I am certainly not seeing the butterflies I would expect to see. I have seen one Hawthorn shield bug whilst out with the dog, and most little creepy crawlies seem to be avoiding me. I have had a butterfly or two though. This pair of Green veined mating for instance.

I have also had a few flies.


It always seems a challenge to try and get smaller stuff. This was quite tiny.

Whereas this Alderfly was slightly bigger, it was on my car.

and this drone fly.

I caught this Robin collecting it's own small stuff in my brothers garden it was taken with my 55-200 macro.

Other than this stuff its been plants and horses.


The ponies are free roaming ponies on Bickerton Hill, Its the site of an Iron Age fort, one of several along Cheshires sandstone ridge. There are a number of groups who maintain the area trying to return it to its former condition of heathland. Its a lovely spot but on the day I visited it was cold and overcast.

Looks like the next few days are going to be wet, so not sure what I'll get or when.