Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Last of Norfolk

Snow Buntings, such beautiful birds.


Finally finished sorting the Norfolk Pictures out. Here are the last of them. Hope you enjoy them i hope that they are some of my better shots.

Just wanted to bring a story to you about Norfolk to show the lighter side of the trip. Everyday whilst driving from our cottage to various locations we saw the same Barn Owl in the same area. We tried to get close enough to photograph it and were lucky enough to do so, however it would eventually fly off across the road and into another wood. We would then continue on our journey, and on passing the edge of the wood where the Owl flew Chris would say, that it was sitting half way down a field next to a wall. On the last morning of our stay we were again in the same location and again the owl flew off. Sure enough Chris said he'd seen it again as we drove further on, I even confirmed it with a quick look through the bino's, this time we decided to try and sneak up on it. So we parked nearby and began to walk back stalking it carefully and quietly. It wasn't until we'd got within 100yards that we realised that something was amiss. The Owl that we had seen and had stalked was nothing more than a white tipped piece of wood. Thank god that our photography skills are better than our eyesight.




Lapland Bunting.

Norfolk was a great place, Check out Chris and Dave's sites to see some much better pictures(See my links).

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