Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Best of a bad job!

Since my last post I have taken few photos but not for the want of trying.
I travelled to Oxfordshire to try and photograph Munt Jac Deer, I saw quite a few but unfortunately due to poor weather and a determined effort by the deer not to be photographed I got no photos that I'm prepared to put on here.
I spent an hour in Andy's hide trying to get Hawfinch with no luck.
I went to Nagshead RSPB reserve to try and find Adders (I think it's still a bit early) with no luck.
I went to Awre with Chris Grady to try and find the Wheatear that have been seen there, not a sausage.
So when all else fails I resort to Cannop feeders. Thankfully you can always rely on them for something.
So a Dunnock, a Reed Bunting, and a pair of Mandarin Ducks are all I have to show for my efforts.
The Mandarins were nice though.
Please let us have some decent weather soon.

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