Sunday, 15 June 2008

Canon can.

Fortune has smiled on me and enabled me to finally buy a new lens. A Canon 600mm F4 beauty. I have been out with it putting it through its paces. Not sure that I can do it justice.

These were a pair of Wood warblers that were obviously feeding a nest nearby.

The thrush again was collecting for young.

Meanwhile this Kingfisher was busy looking for a meal.

The cygnet was resting with it's family, hasn't it grown since the pictures a posted a while ago?

Am I doing it justice? It's not for me to judge.

Been spending some time in the company of Boar this past 7 days. Have had contact with a group of 14, 2 adults and 12 piglets. Then tonight a group of 3 adults and approx 5 piglets. Ihope they can continue to stay alert and elusive.

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