Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Scotland 2

More Pictures from the recent trip to Scotland.

Scotland is probably the best place to get shots of this sweet British species. Much sweeter than it's grey cousin.

Another Species that is "Scottish" is the Scottish Crossbill, very similar to the more common Crossbill. Also found in the Highlands are Parrot Crossbills. These are pictures of such birds, they were identified for us by an RSPB warden at Loch Garten. Apparently the size and shape of the bill identify it as a parrot Crossbill.

These are pictures of a female and her chick.

I used the trip to try and improve my flight shot skills now that i have my 600mm Lens. Think more work is required, what do you think?

The top two are Herring Gulls and this one above is a cormorant. Did take some more but yet to process them.

More to follow. Check out the galleries for better pics (see links)

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