Sunday, 3 August 2008

Last of Scotland

This is the last of the Scotland photos, guess I better start thinking what my next submissions will be.

Firstly we've got these two pics of Spotted Flycatchers, there were a pair feeding chicks.

Dolphins were on view regularly on the moray firth. This was however the best shot i managed to get and it is a crop.

This was one of the most regularly seen birds during our trip. This Oystercatcher is doing what they do best mooching in the mud.

This was a real treat, a Red Throated Diver. A first for me. This was seen on one day only and was quite obliging, albeit from a distance.

This pair of Jackdaws were very entertaining whilst at the Harbour at Port Patrick.

A family of Willow warblers were observed feeding in the bushes at one of the sites we visited.

This was, I think, the best of the trip although the pictures don't do it justice. We watched this Slavonian Grebe for 3 days or so. It was extremely timid and would not come close, I got these pictures whilst hiding amonst some bushes on different days. I was amazed at just how far this bird could swim/fly under water before coming up for air. It was a pleasure to watch.

My favourite picture of the trip is hard to identify, however I do like this portrait of a feral pigeon.

Not really Wildlife although as I say it was wild. It's not very old, you can tell that by the pinkness of the beak.

A good trip all round, the weather was not always kind to us and we never knowingly got to see Golden Eagle, there were some sightings in the distance of birds that looked too big to be buzzards but neither Chris or I could or would say they were eagles. However at least 7 new species for me and photographs of some that i haven't got as well. Not bad for 12 days.

If you have never been to Scotland then I suggest you should go there, the scenery and the photographic opportunities make the travelling worth while. I look forward to going again. Check the Galleries link for more shots of some of the species I've featured over these last 3/4 posts.

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