Saturday, 27 September 2008

Gods Country.

Went to Welsh Wales today to the Elan Valley. It's a place you have to go to when you can. The weather was absolutely brilliant.

I drove along the roads looking for interesting birds on the verges. Low and behold the two most likely suspects showed themselves.

The Stonechat.

The Meadow Pipit, check out the hooked rear claw on this one.

I saw Kestrel, Kite and Buzzard but not close enough to photograph. The Highlight of the drive however was this fantastic Merlin. It was sitting on a post as i rounded a corner and didn't fly off when i drove past it. I turned a short way up the road and slowly returned. Thankfully the god of the bird watchers must have been smiling as i was able to get this shot. There are others but I have yet to go through them, check my galleries in a few days to see more.

The day was rounded off with a trip to Gigrin Farm, anyone who has been following my blog will know how much i enthused about it the first time I went, well this time was no different. A 4GB memory card can vouch for that. I have nearly 300 images to go through but here are two to be going on with.

I had a great day, truly enjoyable. Can there be anything better than a sunny day spent photographing some of the fantastic examples of Gods work. Okay yes there are but I ain't complaining.

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