Monday, 20 July 2009

Moths, bugs and butterflies

This time of year is somewhat quiet for bird pics so there is a tendency to shift attention to other things. I've been busy with family activities and a friends wedding, I have only managed to get a few shots.

I do not know the name of this beetle but I'm guessing someone out there does and can let me know. I'm guessing its a long horn of some kind.

This is a gate keeper butterfly, There were lots of them.

Flies have always caused me concern, I guess it was watching the movie as a youngster that first made me dislike them.

Okay here's another query, can anyone help me with this. I don't think it's meant to be this colour, I think its one of the blues? Am i right? I'm guessing it was newly emerged.

Another long horn I don't doubt, I'm being lazy aren't I? I should find out for myself. Okay I'll set myself a challenge.

I've got commitments again this week for my son so not much will get photographed this week either, I'll update asap.


Bob Bushell said...

Hi Brian

The first was Rhagonycha fulva, or a (soldier beetle), and fourth, it is Common Blue Damselfly, which is strange, but usually you find them all blue!

Brian J Davis said...

Thanks bob, nice owl on dean birders site, where was that from?