Friday, 20 August 2010

Small is beautiful.

I have no desire for photography at the moment as I have slipped into yet another period of deep depression. I have only these small things to show you.




I am thinking of giving up photography, I am no longer enjoying it. I am no longer enjoying life though so perhaps the two are linked. I will eventually sell my kit if my mood does not improve. I will advertise it on here first.
I am not looking for sympathy, nor do i want messages of support. I merely feel that as this blog is a big part of my life I can use it to express my feelings. I have struggled with Depression for many years and last year decided that I will no longer use tablets to keep my life balanced. I do not want to spend my time in a false world of medicine induced happiness, not that the pills ever made me feel that happy anyway. I will try and get through it in my own way.
I'm a crap photographer anyway so its no great loss. I much rather enjoy looking at photos in others blogs and websites.


Anonymous said...

As always excellent photos! I shall thoroughly miss your photography if you do decide to give it up! All the best Katie

Bob Bushell said...

You cant do that, give up with photography. I am always on the brink of that, but I much better on the blog. Anyway, you could sell to me part of the multitude you have. If you to do no choice?

Bob Bushell said...

Oh, I did not say that your pictures are magnificent.