Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Newest Gallery.

So finally I "think" I have got a gallery page linked to this blog. There have definately been a few teething problems, most of which are because of my inability but a few definately seem to be glitches beyond my control.

I have put half a dozen shots in there at the moment just so you can see the format and hopefully give me some feedback. As I said its just to show more of the type of pictures that I put on here, but without the spiel.

Its in my links, please keep having a look.


Brian said...

Receiving loud and clear! Brian

Andrew Carey said...

Well done Brian, getting there and it works!! However, a terrapin is not a mammal my old mate! Andy

Brian J Davis said...

No of course not andy but I didnt have any mammals, I did say it was just to show the layout mate. I have a rabbit to go on there now so it will be ammended asap.