Sunday, 20 January 2008

Rain Rain Rain

When will the lousy weather change? I could kill for some sun. The only photography i've managed this week passed is a trip to Slimbridge WWT. Lots of birds to see and photo from the hides. The Robbie Garnett hide proved to be the best which was fortunate given my bad back. Here are a few of the pics i managed to get. You will see the light wasnt great all of the time. Both are flight shots, the one on the left is a lapwing taking off seen from the Holden Tower, the second a Tufted Duck from the Robbie G hide.
Still, the bad weather does give me time to sort out a few things. Starting this Blog for instance and deleting a lot of the shots taken where the light wasn't right or the subject wasn't cooperating. Thank god for digital photography.

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