Sunday, 10 February 2008

Back to the birds.

Another great Sunday (if you ignore Utd's shocking home defeat by City). Spent a few hours with Andy Carey looking for Siskins and Redpoll at Woor Greens. Unfortunately with negative results.

I left the football with 20 minutes to go and went back out into the Forest. managed to get these shots at the Arboretum.

I was really pleased with this Nuthatch. A cropped shot of it shows the sun glinting in it's eye. The mark of a good photo i'm told.

I love the darkness of this shot which i have not changed.

Having had my fill of the birds at the Arboretum I went for a drive around the Clearwell and Newlands areas. I was driving along a quiet stretch of country road when i saw this Kestrel over the hedge. I couldn't believe my luck when it didn't fly off as soon as i opened the car door.

A closer shot using the 1.4x convertor showed why. The poor thing had a duff eye. Initially i thought i had caught it with the eye shut but other pics taken showed the eye was permanently shut.

I was a little disappointed that this shot wasn't a little sharper, but as i've said before it's a learning curve.

I also saw but couldn't photo a Buzzard being mobbed by two crows, Amazing to watch how despite it's best efforts it couldn't shake them off. I can only imagine that they had watched him take food and were trying to get him to cough it up, as i believe they do.


Alan Davis said...

Hi Bro

Great photos

Keep up the good work

Shame about the football!



Brian said...

Hi Brian

Great to see the blog in action, and love that header shot. The more I hear about the Norfolk trip the more jealous I am! Sadly the bramblings never showed yesterday.

the other Brian