Sunday, 10 February 2008

A Rally Good Day

I went to watch the Rally, or more precisely one stage at Sallowvallets. It was very enjoyable. I also noted with interest that someone, presumeably the Forestry, had lain down new gravel on a large part of the route for this stage. Perhaps they are aware of the wider implications and have addressed them. I was back in the forest today and all was back to normal as far as i could tell.

Car N0 6 Subaru driven by Will Nicholls from the Isle of Wight.

Car N0 67 Mk 2 Escort driven by Jim Swift and co-driven by Sam Haile both whom I know well.

Here's one you don't see very often, car 214 Lotus Elise driven by Bernie Mclean from Birmingham.

I hope that all three managed to fulfil their ambitions and finish well. I haven't heard who the winners were but hopefully the day was a success without injury to anyone.

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