Friday, 8 February 2008

Hide and Seek.

We seek them here we seek them there we seek those Hawfinch everywhere. Reports in the Gloster Birder (see links) suggest Hawfinches seen at Brierley. In the past they have been seen at Parkend at the church.

Where is the best place in the forest to see these elusive birds?

My friend,Andy Carey spent a large portion of his day today looking for them at Brierley without more than a brief sighting. We often visit Parkend Church without luck, I know Andy has seen them there in previous years. Where are they seen most regularly?
Fortunately there is usually something else to see and photo. Today,for me,it was crows. I called in to Parkend on my way back from Lydney Tesco's having stopped on my way out there briefly to scatter some seed. The Hawfinches and Crossbills that i'd hoped to see were nowhere to be seen. A lone Green Woodpecker scarpered as it saw me approach in the car. A pair of Robins were chasing each other around the tree by the car turning area, it always amazes me that they have the energy to do this instead of sharing the food, I know why they do it,but why? surely grub in your belly is more important than chasing off competition.

Having sat tight in my car for 5 minutes or so I was joined by three Crows. For such a large bird they are incredibly timid, the slightest movement was enough to send them high into the trees. However they eventually became accustomed to my movements and came down to enjoy the offerings.

I tried desperately to get a shot of one sitting on a grave stone, just like in the movies, but unfortunately not. The depth of field on these two shots was insufficient to pick up the stones behind. I'm not sure of the quality of these shots.
I guess i need to keep searching for the elusive Hawfinch. Finding them will be one thing, photographing them a completely different kettle of fish. Watch this space!

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