Sunday, 3 February 2008

Wild Boar, an opinion nothing more.

There seems to be a never ending stream of press and media interest in the Forest of Dean boar at the moment. Unfortunately lots of the points put forward are in favour of ridding the Forest of the wild pigs. There have been delays in the report that is expected, from DEFRA and the other interested parties, that will finally decide the future of a creature that was present in the forest long before any of those involved.

Wild Boar are just like any other creature if left alone. They are no threat to human beings. They are not a ravenous carnivore in search of human flesh. They are timid, and shy from human contact.

Unfortunately there are incidents like the one reported this week of a boar in the grounds of Ruardean Primary school.The creature had found its way into the grounds and was "charging" at people. The Forestry commision were called and dispatched the creature. Quite correctly too. In no way am I suggesting that the safety of our school children should come second to a wild animal.

These incidents are a rarity. The action taken was, i would hope, considered and correct in the circumstances. Unfortunately the incident has only added fuel to the fire being stoked by those that wish to see a total cull. There are a number of farmers and small holders who have had "damage" caused and cry for the destruction of the culprits. These people don't care that more damage is caused in the forest daily by people dumping litter, parking on verges, lighting fires, and mindless vandalism. They don't care because it doesn't affect them directly.
I look forward to the report and hope that those with the power to decide will see the boar for what they are, a harmless welcomed addition to the rich diversity of wildlife that makes the Forest of Dean the fantastic tourist attraction that it is.

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