Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Kites, kites, kites.

No pics today but just wanted to update with a report from Goring.

I am staying in Goring for the week and have already seen lots of Kites (red). The place that i am staying is surrounded by wildlife. The grounds have green woodpecker, nuthatch, and longtailed tits, all the usual woodland birds, and as a bonus regular visits by kite.

Unfortunately i did not expect to get much opportunity for photography so didn't fetch the kit, wish i had as not 2hrs ago during a lull between treatments i was out in the grounds and had a kite circling over me for about 10 minutes. He came down to about 50 or so feet. The photo opportunity was brilliant. The light was also great, an opportunity truly missed there.

I'm reliably informed that there are Barn Owl nearby too so hope to get a sighting of them before the week is out.

Hope that the weather is being kind to you all as well.

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