Wednesday, 5 March 2008

More Kite.

I was wholly disappointed with the few Kite shots I got in Goring. Certainly non were worthy of showing on here.

I am more aware now of what I have to do, I have to concentrate on the technical details as well as the subject. I'm concerned that i've taken a step backwards. I went back to my Gigrin shots and will use these as a base line for future postings. I'm not saying that these are great but the are okay and a good place to develop from.
A cropped shot.
Slightly cropped.
Not cropped if i recall correctly.
A nice shot of a kite carrying food away.
I particularly like the shot above with two Kite in it. Not because it's the best quality but because its a true reflection of what it's like at Gigrin. I can't praise the place enough.

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