Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Flavour of the month.

Waxwing, everyone is doing them at the moment. Here are my efforts.

There have been sightings of these wonderful birds in Herefordshire and here in Gloucestershire. These are Pics of Herefordshire birds.
This is another first for me, I've never seen or photographed them before.

They are a beautiful bird, I wish they were present here all year round. I've been caught up in the clamour to see and photgraph them, I find myself wishing that the location was better and that the background was "Greener" or "Bluey". Andy Carey and I saw a pair on our recent journey around the patch, unfortunately the weather was pants and there was absolutely no opportunity to photograph them. However if the weather improves and they are still there then who knows? Hope you enjoy these.

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