Sunday, 28 December 2008

To End the Year.

A few recent shots to end the year.

Flying Bewicks at Slimbridge.

A Blackbird at New Fancy.

Ditto a Chaffinch.

A meadow Pipit at Aust Warth.

A Redwing on the field at Speech House.

A Buzzard coming in to land at Slimbridge.

Pochard again at Simbridge.

A Small flock of Wigeon again at Slimbridge.
A female Shelduck.

Tufted Duck.

I'm hoping 2009 continues to bring me firsts. For those who care about such things my species total for the year topped at 149, I don't deliberately set out to count them, but do record what I see, so I'm not technically a lister.
Happy New Year everyone.

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