Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sun, fog, frost, rain, is it winter?

We've had it all this last week or so haven't we?

A trip to Hawling yesterday(weds) with Andy Carey gave us three out of the four in one day. On our arrival it was bright sunshine and frost. But by the time we left it was fog, fog, fog.
A few opportunities to photograph the owls presented themselves, I think that because Andy and I were the only ones there certainly up to late afternoon the owls were a little more obliging. We didn't see an owl until the fog was well and truly in situ, it was rolling in and out for most of the afternoon.

What we did have the pleasure of in the morning were Skylarks, lots of them, flittering around and singing their glorious songs. None came really close but heres a cropped pic of one that came nearest.

There were two Short eared owls that came out to play, here are a few shots.

In addition to the SEO's there was a Barn Owl flying around, he didn't come anywhere near us though so these are quite heavy crops.

By the time Andy and I were ready to go the temperature was back into the minus's and we were chilled to the bone. A good day though and at last a few shots I'm pleased with enough to show you.

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