Thursday, 12 February 2009

Soured day./ more Slimbridge.

Start with the sour. Some mindless prat has stolen my squirrel proof feeder from New Fancy. I have to be honest, I've expected it. It is only to be expected in this day and age where it's easier to steal something than to work hard to afford your own. It wasn't expensive, it cost me nothing it was a throwaway item that someone else didn't want. I just had to repair it.

So for the sake of some small minded thief's pleasure a large number of birds and people lose out.

Back to Slimbridge. Some more shots from yesterday.
This Mute swan was lovely in the earlier light.

A trip to the new Kingfisher hide gave me shots of a few visitors, This Rook was one of half a dozen there.

The Chaffinch's were busy.

The Goldfinch has long been a target of mine, I would have loved to have got them away from the feeder but this was the best I could manage.

There were a pair of young rabbits scurrying around the feeders and the reed beds.

On adifferent feeder in the centre was a small group of Long tailed tits. Don't you just love these cheeky little things.

This was a site that must have sent shock waves through the wardens who do their best to keep the foxes away. This appears to be a dog fox and a vixen. They were way way out into the reserve.
A second look through my pics today showed me that I did get a picture of the Heron with the fish. It's not brilliant but have a look.
Still a few more to go through so maybe another few to post in the next day or two.
Sorry if my rant about the feeder spoilt this post but It affects me so much that I can't say nothing.


David J Slater said...

It wasn't me Brian! I'm just psychic at the moment - not joking! Hope someone else can replace it?


Brian J Davis said...

I'll believe you Dave :-) I'll just use some cheapo one's for now.

Rob Ward said...

Thats total shite mate, I once built a hide right in the middle of the forest and used some scrim cammo netting, which cost me £20 and some b******d nicked it.
Some things will never change.