Sunday, 17 May 2009

Distant shores.

Apologies for not having posted for a while, I have been extremely busy moving my son to his new flat and also enjoying a four day break in Italy.

The trip to Certaldo in Italy came first, I had a really lovely few days with a few opportunities for photography.

My first ever Bee Eater was amongst the birds I saw.

Indeed there wasn't just one, there were a number of them at a vineyard just outside of Certaldo.

Unfortunately I did not have my big lens with me so these are cropped

Funny isn't it, we spend weeks looking for Redstart in the Forest about this time every year, this one was on the walls of Certaldo Alto, came across it quite by chance.

My apartment was on the first floor and the washing line directly beneath the next door apartments windows was a resting place for a pair of swallows.

Beautiful little birds, very timid though.

In addition to the birds Certaldo has a high number of butterflies. I did not see any of the Swallow tails that I saw last time I was there but I saw some nice one's all the same.

This is a painted lady.
This is a Green Hairstreak.

These common Blues were looking gorgeous.

Again not taken with the correct lens for this type of species, it seemed that whichever lens I took with me the subject matter was not condusive to it.

This Wall brown was my first. I can't recall seeing one before.

All in all, a very enjoyable long weekend, the beer, wine and food was very welcomed but the warmth and the relaxation were much more appreciated.

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