Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In between showers.

Guess with the weather being the way it is you have to take the chances as they arise. So today I went into the forest to make best of the bright weather. Very difficult to get things with the sun on them.

But I saw quite a bit including a lovely fox in great condition. Didn't get a shot of it, I was chatting with an attractive lady. I have always liked an attractive lady, missed one fox whilst talking to another.

I did see this Pied Flycatcher, he was singing his head off, I watched him for a while but couldn't see any sign of a mate, nor was he visiting any potential nest.

He stayed high in the treetops, I could not get him to come near me. I think they are a beautiful little bird.

A Willow Warbler was in a slightly different location and was also in full song, again high in the canopy.

Again, no sign of a mate.

The best shots of the day were these shots of a Treecreeper, it was making a nest.

It was entering the tiniest little hole you could imagine with twigs almost too big for it to carry.

In addition to the aforementioned lady, I also met two other groups of people and we shared a few moments together discussing how the forest was so lovely at this time. It's true, but as my departure date fast approaches I can't help thinking that the forest at any time of the year has such wonderful things to offer. I will miss living here, but will return.

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