Thursday, 2 July 2009

Martin Mere

I have wanted to go to Martin mere for some time. Springwatch or autumn watch turned me on to it. So on Mon (28th) I put it into action. I arrived at the centre at around 11pm and slept in the MH ready for action the next morning. Slightly dissapointed that the centre opens at 9.30am and that the weather was decidedly grey and overcast, I set about after the Tree Sparrows and a Stoat that had been reported near to the Ron Barker hide.

Firstly I saw and photographed three Green Sandpipers, a first for me.

These were outside a hide on the approach to the above mentioned hide so already I was feeling chuffed.

On my arrival at the Ron Barker hide I had barely stepped in through the door when an opportunity presented itself, a Kingfisher sitting on the fencing around a bridge over a drainage ditch

Not quite close enough to get real detail but I like this shot which is cropped by about 30%.

A juvenile Heron then made an appearence. He was closer than the Kingfisher and was very active amongst the reeds looking for food.

This shot is almost full frame, I have cropped a little from the left of the picture and of course reduced it to fit here.

I was thrilled to see a Marsh harrier quartering over the mere to the front of the hide. I watched him for an age but he never came anywhere near to photographic range, still a thrill though.

I saw the stoat on three occasions, but never once was he still enough to capture a picture of. He was busily chasing around trying to find a way to get to the swallows nest un derneath the aforementioned bridge. He did do something that I and others in the hide found quite amusing, there were a few birds sitting on the top rail of a five barred gate and he was jumping into the air trying to reach them. he stood no chance and they knew it as they did not even bother to move. I certainly had never seen this kind of behaviour before.

The swallows on the bridge were unconcerned by him as well.

So, did I see Tree Sparrow? I did, I saw lots and lots. Here are some of the many photos I took. How I wished the day had been different. I wish there had been good light. But i'm fortunate in that respect because I can go again, indeed weather permitting I'm going to, soon.

I only walked half of the site, I was impressed by the standard of the hides I visited. I was pleased that there were three species that I can add to this yrs list. Ringed plover, Green Sandpiper, and Tree sparrow. I also enjoyed Sausage casserole at the cafe.

My next post is another trip to Conwy RSPB reserve and Anglesey for the Chough. Some nice shots to post so come back and have a look.

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