Thursday, 2 July 2009

Back to Wales

I went back to Wales largely to see what Conwy had to offer in the mornings, I arrived at about 7.00am before the centre opened, so I had the place to myself.

I loved the peace and tranquility which was only broken by the calling of the Gulls and Oystercatchers. I have to say that I was slightly dissappointed. I had hoped for more but the place was pretty devoid of interesting birds. However it improved before I left. Black Tailed Godwits came in and landed too far away for decent photography, I could see them with the bino's and big lens but the detail was useless.

Redshank came in too, but again too far away from me to get good pics. A curlew flew away from me as I walked into one of the hides so an opportunity was missed there. Two heron came in to the reserve I managed a few pics of this one. I'm bemused by the pose. I've seen Heron do this before, Woor Greens and Slimbridge are both places I've seen it. I can only imagine that its an attempt to warm up, or perhaps cool down.

I'm going for the former as he was facing into the sun.

The Oystercatchers were there in numbers, this one was the closest.

However, present in the largest numbers were the Rabbits. There were lots all around the reserve, mostly braver (or more stupid) young ones.

By 9.30am I was aware that Chris Grady was rapidly approaching Conwy on the A55 on route to Anglesey. I agreed to follow him up in the hope that Chough may be on the cards.

They were. Unfortunately not in the numbers that I'd seen last week, Only a single fledgling remained and only one adult came to try and tempt him or her away. The efforts were successful, but not before I managed these shots of the juvenile.

Also present were Stonechats and Pipits. This Stoney was going past his prime in the plumage stakes.

Whilst on Anglesey we located some of these little beauties, Silver studded Blue butterflies.

Lovely little things.

The day was very enjoyable, although I have to say the heat was hard work, several ice creams and cans of pepsi max were consumed in an effort to stay calm. One dissappointment was that there is no Peregrine nest visable from the steps down to the lighthouse this year at South Stack, the RSPB warden said the nest could not be far away though as the birds kept making fly pasts.

Back up north tomorrow, Martin mere and Leighton Moss to start with and then the lakes.

Oh a P.S from the last post from Martin Mere, I saw and photographed this little beauty albeit from a distance. This is a cropped pic of a corn bunting found near the reserve but not actually in it.

Heavily cropped so not the best shot but another bird for the list, confirmed.

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