Thursday, 27 August 2009

Leighton Moss again.

A trip back to Leighton Mos via Martin mere did occur, I wasn't blessed with good weather and didn't see the two star species, and came away feeling pretty let down.

I stayed at the same little site I'd stayed at in July, you'll remember, no internet, mobile phone or washing/toilet facility. Ten pounds a night with electric- three nights are just about managable. I'll look for somewhere different next time though.
Star species one was an Osprey, present on Monday evening but not afterwards. Star species two was a Bittern. seen Tues and Thurs but unfortunately not by me. The best I got were sightings of a Marsh Harrier, Greenshank, and Red Deer.
Great Black Backed Gull was seen at a distance, look at the size of it compared with a Mallard duck.
The Greenshank was one of two, again seen at a distance.
Herons were constantly doing flybys.
The Deer weren't looking good, between coats I guess.

Moorhens are lovely in the evening light.

Thousands of Coots at Leighton Moss.

So nothing sexy or exciting, this time. I will return later in the year.

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