Sunday, 16 August 2009

Not all Butterflies.

Its not all about Butterflies at this time of year. I was hoping to get into Macro photography but its proving harder than I first thought. I suffer terribly with the shakes which is not good for close up work. But I keep trying. I spent an absolute age at Chris G's the other morning doing Moths with him then went to an open Garden in Hereford and spent an age doing hoverflies only to delete the whole card of shots by mistake.

I have had limited success with the following. Although it's not truly macro is it?

Southern Hawker Dragonfly.

I believe that this is a hoverfly, Volucella bombylans

And this is, I believe, another hoverfly Eupeodes luniger. Very difficult to identify from the internet.

I have done a lot of posting this last few days so I'll give it a rest now, been at my sons and mothers since weds so good internet access. Back on the road tomorrow, hoping to do Badgers in Hereford.


BrainWorker said...

Nice bright colour dragonflies :)

Brian J Davis said...

Yeah, I'm really pleased with it, It was in the area at the back of clearwell caves near sling. Sat for an absolutel age while I changed settings and angles, just wish it had bee a little more in the open.

Thanks for your comments.