Friday, 21 August 2009

Very large and very small

I've spent mon, tues and weds evenings this week with Chris G watching Badgers in Herefordshire, I had a brilliant time but my role was merely observer. I let Chris do the photgraphy and I sat and enjoyed being as close as I've ever come to Badgers in the wild.

I don't doubt you'll have checked the Pictures Chris has put on his website over the last few days (see my links for chris's website) there a a couple of corkers. The most demanding thing has been the wind. It is relatively easy to get the badgers to come close if there is no wind and you sit still and are quiet. However if there is a gusty wind which is direction changing every five minutes it is a damn sight harder. I was amazed at how little effect the flash had on the feeding badgers too, they quickly stop getting spooked by them.

All in all a very enjoyable three nights. Can I replicate it? I don't know but weather permitting I'm going to try on Sat evening.

Other than that I've done very little. I kept up with my interest in the tiny with this Flesh fly in Herefordshire.
At the other end of the scale I got this Heron in Cheshire.

It was on a grey morning but I think its quite good, what do you think? I'm heading for a different location on Sunday. I'm going to have a look at Martin Mere again before heading slightly further north and visiting Leighton Moss again. Looking forward to decent weather and lots to see.
I am still keen to get to Norfolk and of course Scotland but there are things keeping me local one of which is the upcoming birth of my first Grandchild due early Sept. I am definately going to try and squeeze Scotland in very soon.

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