Thursday, 12 November 2009

Grab 'em when you can

When I woke this morning I could not believe the light that was shining through my window. It was lush. So I decided that as I had to head into the forest for a doctors appointment I would combine it with a trip around the old usual haunts.

However before I had even left my house two amazing opportunities presented themselves. When I opened the back door to let my dog out I heard a cacophony of bird alarm calls coming from immediately behind my back garden. Blackbirds mostly.

A scout of the shrubs and trees with my telescope and I found the culprit. I took a couple of shots from the back door but they were obstructed by leaves and small branches. I quickly shot out of the front and around to the car park at the side of our block, hoping to get a better shot. As I positioned the camera a Green Woodpecker flew into a tree in front of me, could I afford to pass this up? I didn't dare so I quickly shot off a few snaps, then readjusted my position and managed to get a few of the main target before it was finally driven away by the smaller birds.

The Green Woody, so chuffed with these grab shots.

But then the star of the show, My first photographed Tawny Owl of the year. This first shot was from the back door.

Then this from the car park.

I was so chuffed. I have only seen one other this year and only a hand full in the last few years. So to get this one, purely by chance, was amazing.
My trip over to the forest was non-productive. I did get to bump into Bob Bushell who was photographing birds at New Fancy but the light disappeared whilst I was there so I went off to my Doctors appointment.
Back Home the weather is awful, cold, wet and increasingly windy. Glad I was up and ready this morning.
Click on the pics for larger versions.


Lewis Thomson said...

Hi Brian,

Cracking Tawny shot! Really good to see you back in the area too.



Brian J Davis said...

Thanks Lewis, Its good to be back. Been keeping an eye on your stuff on UKNP and birdguides. Keep it up



Brian said...

Hi Brian. Love that last tawny picture. Good spot, cracking shot, what more could any man want!

Brian J Davis said...

Thanks Brian, It seemed to be well liked on Birdguides as well.