Monday, 9 November 2009

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the worst hasn't it? I looked out of the window this morning and could not see 200 yards for the fog. The temperature had dropped a few degrees and everywhere was wet outside. Guess Autumn has moved into winter.

I had no intention of venturing out so instead I decided to set up the camera and monitor the new feeder station I've set up in the garden. I'm quite pleased with the feeder so far, I have had Coal, Blue and Great tits visiting, Robin, Dunnock, and Wood Pigeon in the garden and a Green Woodpecker out the back. As the weather worsens then I hope for more variety.

The light was poor so I didn't expect a lot but did manage to get these.

I wouldn't normally do feeder shots but there was nothing else so it was this or nothing. Weather is forecast as poor all week so may be a while till my next post.

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