Thursday, 5 November 2009

Three became four

I have been to Slimbridge again today, I went with Andy Carey and once there we teamed up with Chris G and Mike Smith, both of whom were a tad put out by my comments in my last post regarding their poking fun at me. Ironically if the cap fits wear it.

That aside, it wasn't such a good day today. the weather wasn't brilliant and the birds were scattered all over the reserve. I did manage to get the following shots, I hope you enjoy them.

I want to add one thing, which may cause a few raised eyebrows, I cannot for the life of me understand why the powers that be at Slimbridge cannot accept that photography is becoming more and more popular at the reserve and speed up the changes that we keep being told are just around the corner. They have added to the number of viewing spaces to the feeder station at the rear of the Robbie Garnett, but despite repeated requests to the wardens to make the spaces wider this was not done. I do not blame the wardens, they do what they are told, but I would hope that they tell their bosses what we are asking.

Anyway back to the photography. Click on the pictures for larger versions.

I love the little Teals.

The Pochards are looking great.

The Pintails, minus the "pin".

Hundreds of Moorhens.

A stalking Heron kept a number of photographers happy for a while.

Finally this Buzzard was again the only raptor seen.

Back for a mere 5 days and already 2 visits, I love being there with the birds.

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