Monday, 15 February 2010

Forest Rally

Despite having a cold and not feeling my best it was out into the Forest of Dean this Saturday just passed for what used to be called the Wyedean Stages, the first BTRDA rally of the year. I have been following the rally for over ten yrs now and it never fails to deliver. This year there was lots of drama as the drivers pushed their cars to the limits on stages which for a nice change were not covered with snow.

I want to start this post with a little humour. The car below came around a corner on the first of the two serridge stages, unfortunately the driver lost it a bit and ended up "off roading".
Not very amusing I hear you say.
But take a look at one of his sponsors, could he have been trying to drum up clients?

There were a number of "offs" during the rally the worst of which halted the Speech house stage for quite some time. The driver of car 305 had to be transported off the rally by the rescue ambulance. I believe he was not injured too badly and hope he recovers quickly. the amazing capabilities of these vehicles in accidents should never be underestimated. These may look like road cars but the roll bars fitted internally are there for a very good reason. Form the side the vehicle doesn't look too bad.
But then take a look from the back, the point of impact.
The rear end is pushed in by a good two feet, It truly is amazing that both driver and co-driver got out of this relatively unscathed.
That aside there was a good days racing and below are a few of the many action shots I tried to capture in very often dull conditions.

Andy Burton is usually a high place finisher in his Peugeot Cosworth but this year he failed to finish due to engine problems.
Nik Eslmore, the local previous winner only managed third this year In his Mitsubishi.
Hugh Hunter finished 2nd in his Ford Focus.
This years winner was Steve Perez from Chesterfield in his Ford Focus.

I had a great day, made all the better by the company of my brother Alan and my son Lee.
Thanks to everyone involved in the rally, not only the racing folk but also the very many safety officials who all volunteer their services for free.
As always click the pics for bigger versions.

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